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Artema is on hand to help you look after your Bournemouth accounts. Our team are a professional – yet down-to-earth – cohort who know a thing or two about finances. With a few simple questions, we can discern whether you might need an Accounts Manager.

  1. Is your business profitable?
  2. How much tax will you pay at the end of this financial year?
  3. Do you have funds to withdraw dividends from?

Can you confidently answer each question? Do you have the figures to back it up? If so, then the likelihood of you needing an Accounts Manager is slim. If not, then we’re on hand to help. After all, how can you hope to improve your business if you haven’t recorded its financial standing? It stands to reason that if progress is measured it can be improved. When all is said and done, that’s what it is all about – the bottom-line net profit.

Accounts Bournemouth

Artema produces these accounts for Bournemouth business owners on a monthly or quarterly basis. Traditionally they are composed of a Profit & Loss report and a balance sheet. These accounts are tailored to the client’s requirements and are far less formal than a Year End account. However, they do still take a lot of time to compile and adjust and this can be tough when you are juggling a business.

So why not take the financial weight off your shoulders? Focus on cultivating an effective business. Our team will oversee your finances and ensure your business is compliant with the law. Account management is a fantastic tool that simplifies finances into bite-sized information. Through it, you can achieve the following:

Accounts Bournemouth

Summarise your trading results to date

View projections of potential profits

And future cash flow projections

Estimate tax due at the end of the financial year

Highlights sufficient profit margins for dividends

Tailored to you and your business


No business is quite alike, yet many share similarities. Are you a start-up or a long-standing venture? No matter which, Artema provide varying degrees of account management reports. Each one is tailored to reflect our clients and their business. We do this after an initial free consultation, in which we assess your requirements. This way, we can rid you of any confusion and you only see what you need to see.

Our Ringwood accountants are located conveniently near to both Bournemouth and Christchurch. As such, we are easily accessible for all surrounding areas of Dorset and Hampshire. We help you focus on important business decisions whilst proactively guiding your finances. With our goal centred accounting – accountancy has never been simpler!

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