Yuval Salomi

Outside of long office hours you will find me spending time with my wife and two young girls. At the weekend we enjoy exploring
new places and taking our dog Sam out for long walks. I also enjoy cooking new dishes (especially when someone else is washing up!), reading business and psychology related books and watching a good thriller.

Mark Nicholls

I like to travel and especially enjoy visiting Africa. I enjoy watching and taking part in most sports and am now an avid jogger.
To relax I enjoy eating out with friends & watching science fiction films. I like music and especially enjoy listening to Snow Patrol, Cold Play and Sound tracks from movies.

Eileen Norton

‘I love to dance especially Salsa and Argentine Tango. I’m a bit of a romantic so I do love my ‘romcom’ movie’s.
As I’m always running about after my children I love to relax with a bottle of wine and a good book.’’

Ryan Carter

I love all sports, my favourite is football. I love AFC Bournemouth but my favourite team is Crystal Palace. This has stemmed from my mother and also living in London for 10 years.
I'm keen on fashion and love to buy and keep up to date with all the latest trends. When I was younger I loved solving maths puzzles in the paper, this is where my love for maths derived from.

Luke Blackburn

I regularly attend airsoft events and days throughout the summer, however in winter it gets a little cold to be running around outside like this. I enjoy visiting historical monuments
and displays/collections, so you can usually find me at such a place in my spare time throughout the colder parts of the year. I have been told I can be a bit of a random fact machine sometimes down to the amount of reading material I get through. Since I was small I have always found a certain comfort and enjoyment when working with numbers, this helped guide me into becoming an accountant.

Calum Hamer

I am a keen and dedicated member of the local gym and enjoy working out on a weekly basis to ensure the best results. I love my food (hence visiting the gym regularly).
As well as enjoying numbers I am a very front facing person and enjoy working at my local café at the weekends and making the customers the greatest coffees ever. From a young age I have always been a saver and keen for my figures, therefore a career in accountancy complements this perfectly.

Jack Roberts

I have always had an interest for sports, music and finance. In my spare time I play a lot of football and go to the gym regularly.
I also like to play video games from time to time and love to travel to different countries when I get the chance.

Dawn Weet

I have lived in Ringwood for 16 years and love the town, the close proximity to forest and the sea. My garden is my favourite place to be and I am experimenting with growing fruit and vegetables.
Whenever I can I like to travel, often short trips to various European cities. I enjoy singing with a local singing group, yoga and swimming.

Andy Green

I enjoy visiting other countries and experiencing the different cultures, I especially like Colombia as my partner comes from there. I am in the process of researching my family tree and finding out about my ancestors.
I like listening to music especially from the 1960’s through to the 1990’s. I love spending time with my granddaughter who is one years old and when I am not spending time with her I like watching sport and playing snooker.

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