We’re Constantly Learning


One of the most difficult aspects for most business owners when choosing (or working with) an accountant is the feeling of stupidity that can arise when accounting terminology is thrown about. Some terms make sense, others are a vague concept, and still others are all Greek to you. We’re constantly learning from our clients about their businesses, their skills and talents and terminology. We figure it’s only reasonable that you would learn from us, too. We make every effort to explain, show, and clarify anything we discuss with you – and if we haven’t done it well, by all means just stop us in the middle of a sentence and make us start again. We really don’t mind. What we try to explain should be as easily understood as a normal human conversation.

What’s important to us at Artema


We are a happy, friendly and caring accounting firm. We are fair in our business dealings and live by the Golden Rule.

We add value to our clients’ businesses and provide solutions to their problems. We are passionate about customer service. We honour our promises.
We care about our employees and consider them part of the family. We are committed to their professional and personal development.
We passionately believe in goals. They are the key to a happier, more fulfilled and rewarding life.