July 2019 News Update

Please don’t forget to pay your 2nd payment on account of your income tax liability by 31st July. If you are unsure of how much you need to pay to HMRC please contact us as soon as possible.

 In other news… We are proud to announce that one of our clients, Nigel Winship and his company People Matter Technology Ltd, have started their crowdfunding through Seedrs: https://peoplematter.seedrs.com/

Nigel and his team are developing a unique platform that helps people and organisations to track and improve their mental wellness. Often referred to as “a Fitbit to mental wellness”.

While Artema cannot recommend where you should invest your money, we thought we should share this with you as part of our ongoing support we provide to our clients. If anyone would like to speak to Nigel directly – please let us know.

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