March 2019 News Update


Pension contributions

From 6th April 2019, the minimum contributions for employees and employers paying into workplace pensions will rise. The employees minimum contribution will rise from 3% to 5%, and employers will rise from 2% to 3%. Employers administering workplace pensions will need to ensure the new rates are implemented.

Personal tax allowance and national insurance

The new personal tax allowance is set to rise from 6th April 2019. The new allowance will be £12,500 per year. The minimum threshold before national insurance becomes due is also rising to £8,628 per year (£719 per month). We will adjust your payslips accordingly from April 2019.

Minimum Wage:

The minimum wage is also increasing to £8.21 per hour if you are over 25, £7.70 aged 21 to 24 and £6.15 aged 18 to 20 from April 2019. We will also adjust this change in our pay runs from April 2019.

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