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Helping you grow your business means getting you from where you are now to a place of cash and freedom.  Our Monthly Business Builder Webinars address these topics, one step at a time.


Now, you might be familiar with how webinars work. We send you an invitation to attend at specific time, you register, we send a confirmation, and you attend.


You can grab a free webinar nowadays without batting an eyelid. However more than often, you end up “saving the webinar for later”. And more than often, the webinar takes an hour long. Is this a good use of your time or is there a smarter way?


 Here’s an intro video to what our webinar is all about




We know your time is precious, so while we’re working hard on delivering the most related and helpful webinar topic for every month, we’ve also been brainstorming and gathering survey on how to deliver an efficient webinar within the best possible time.

We’ve come up with a smarter solution that will change the way we deliver our webinar!


So what’s so different with these new style webinars (E-Ducate)?


Artema Bullet PointsShorter session. 


Like condensed milk, we squeeze what could be an hour seminar into 5-10 minutes top, making it clearer for its vision and mission.


Artema Bullet PointsMore Specific Topics.


Covering a lot of topics is good. But by being more detailed, after each session, you can focus on something that you can action straight away. 


Artema Bullet Points

Instantly Accessible.


You can watch the webinar at your preferred time instead of jotting the time in your diary and end up watching the recorded session instead.


Artema Bullet PointsThe Link to The Webinar Never Expires.


Can’t remember the action plan of that webinar you watched 2 years ago? All you need to do is click on the link.


Artema Bullet PointsMore Personal.


If you have any question after watching the webinar, simply pick up the phone and call us or send us an email. We’ll gladly answer any questions. No string attached! We’re just happy to help.


All you have to do is enter your name and email address, and you’ll get instant training and strategic advice. 

Ready to move to the future?

Access E-Ducate Here 

E-Ducate Artema




Missing Our Old Style Webinars? We have it all saved in our vault, waiting to be discovered by you!

Watch Our Old Style Webinar Recording Now



The Curse of FTI:

In this recorded webinar, we cover ‘FTI’ – Failure To Implement.  It’s the curse of the entrepreneur. As we have seen with numerous headlines and lessons learned, a failure to implement can lead to expensive fines, lawsuits, breaches and losses.

New ideas come so thick and fast, you barely have time to make them happen.

Kaplan& Norton in The Strategy Focused Organization noted:

failure rates [for planning implementation] are reported in the 70 to 90 percent range.” That’s appalling!


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 What you will get out of this webinar:

– How to make sure you don’t lose any of your great ideas.

– Evaluating ideas: which ones will help improve profits and which ones should be discarded?

– When is it the best time to take action on your ideas?

– Involving your team: getting even more great ideas.

– The number one reason we don’t implement.



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(Simply send us an email and we will reply with the link to the recording)

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