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Is your business profitable? (or you are not so sure?)

How much tax will you pay at the end of the financial year? (hmmm… similar to last year?)

Do you have sufficient funds to withdraw dividends from? (pass! Now I am really confused!)

Management Accounts is a fantastic tool for every business owner. It gives you a summary of your trading results to date and provide you with projections of potential profits, future cashflow and a good estimation of how much tax you are going to pay at the end of the year. Good management accounts can also show you whether there are sufficient profits in your business to take dividends from (otherwise, you may enter into a dangerous territory of overdrawn director’s loan account).

Here at Artema, we provide our clients with various Management Accounts reports on a monthly and quarterly basis so they have the tools to know where they are going. Management accounts can vary in size and complexity and after talking to you and learning more about your requirements – we can tailor your reports around you so you only get what you need.

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