Payroll and CIS
Find out about our Payroll Services

We provide payroll services for small businesses in Hampshire and Dorset.

Here are the extensive services we will provide you:

  • Weekly or monthly payslips to all of your employees
  • Advice on Holiday Pay, Maternity Leave (SMP) and Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)
  • Comprehensive Auto Enrolment services
  • Income tax planning for directors’ remuneration.
  • Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) returns with HMRC
  • Submission of your payroll to HMRC under Real Time information (RTI)
  • Annual P11d forms (Benefits in Kind)

Here at Artema you will have your own personal payroll manager who can help you with all of your payroll needs.

Hundreds of businesses trust our payroll team. That equates to quite a lot of payslips!

Contact us today and we will take the administrative burden off you.

Free Consultation Meetings

We are generous with our time and look forward to hearing more about your business.

If you’re just starting out with your business venture and want the best advice on creating rock-solid foundations. Or you’re an established business that’s looking to grow and need help to build and fund your growth plan.

You can call in at any time to speak to one of our accountants and business advisers about a new venture or an existing business. We offer an initial free consultation meeting with a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant with no obligations.

During the meeting, we will learn more about your business, understand your motivation and your market and give you the business advice you need.