Tax Advice in Bournemouth

Tax Advice in Bournemouth

Let Artema’s qualified tax advisors help you.


Looking for corporation or personal tax advice in Bournemouth? We can provide you and your business with some enlightening tax solutions. In fact, Artema can do as little or as much as you want us to. Our services vary but we operate with fixed fees and are proud of our excellent customer service. Businesses don’t have an off-button, so we offer an unlimited tax helpline to support your venture. Should you need it, we also utilise online cloud-based accounting software. This keeps your bookkeeping up-to-date, so you won’t fall foul of any tax return deadlines.

So, how exactly can Artema help you? We offer tax advice on the following and more:

  • Corporation Tax Services
  • HMRC Investigations
  • Personal Tax (Including Sole-Traders and Partnerships)
  • Tax Investigation Services
  • VAT

By analysing your accounts, we’ll see whether you approach your finances in a tax-efficient manner. Many Bournemouth businesses have overpaid their tax in the past. We consider it our duty to ensure you pay the correct yet the smallest amount of tax legally required. You might need to make stark changes but these could greatly benefit your business in the long run. Our qualified team of accountants can help you with such issues. We can even do something as simple as guide you on how to submit your personal and business tax returns.

Ideally, we’d like to cultivate a one2one relationship with you and all our clients. When you seek tax advice from Artema, we’ll pair you with your own dedicated accountant. We find it helps to know who’s pulling the strings behind the curtain, so-to-say. That way, we’ll focus on your finances while you finesse the finer points of your business.

Call today and we’ll see how our tax advice can help your Bournemouth business.

Tax Advice in Bournemouth

Free Consultation Meetings

We are generous with our time and look forward to hearing more about your business.

If you’re just starting out with your business venture and want the best advice on creating rock-solid foundations. Or you’re an established business that’s looking to grow and need help to build and fund your growth plan.

You can call in at any time to speak to one of our accountants and business advisers about a new venture or an existing business. We offer an initial free consultation meeting with a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant with no obligations.

During the meeting, we will learn more about your business, understand your motivation and your market and give you the business advice you need.