Wealth Management in Dorset

Enjoy your wealth in the immediate future and for years to come


At Artema, we care about our clients and their goals. Wealth is often not accrued overnight and our clients fully deserve the right to enjoy it. This can be a task in itself if you have to fixate on the complexities that come with investments. So, if you’re looking for wealth management in Dorset, look no further. Our Chartered Accountants are known for our holistic approach to financial responsibilities. We bring together two distinct specialist services: Financial Planning and Investment Management. 

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Using both of these in tandem allows us to identify your life goals and objectives. Our expert wealth management helps relieve you of your financial duties. Once we understand what you define as wealth, we can formulate a bespoke strategy. This way, we correctly utilise resources to enhance, monitor and protect your wealth. All so that you and your family can enjoy your wealth in the immediate future and for years to come.

During a free consultation, wealth management can support our affluent Dorset clients. We’ll carefully glean any information that could best inform our strategy. Once a robust plan has been clearly laid out, we’ll manage your money in a bespoke investment portfolio. We can help you make the right decisions when it comes to your finances. We offer a range of wealth management services in Dorset as well as:

Estate Planning Services
Life Assurance
And more
In offering these services, it’s important to Artema that our clients are happy with what we do for them. We want to build long term relationships built on mutual trust and reliance. Artema wants our association to be mutually enjoyable and beneficial for both parties. We aim to give our clients the freedom to concentrate on the life they want to lead – whilst reaping the full rewards of the assets and wealth they’ve created. Get in touch today.

Free Consultation Meetings

We are generous with our time and look forward to hearing more about your business.

If you’re just starting out with your business venture and want the best advice on creating rock-solid foundations. Or you’re an established business that’s looking to grow and need help to build and fund your growth plan.

You can call in at any time to speak to one of our accountants and business advisers about a new venture or an existing business. We offer an initial free consultation meeting with a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant with no obligations.

During the meeting, we will learn more about your business, understand your motivation and your market and give you the business advice you need.