Why Buy iPhone 7 for Business ?


Now that the iPhone 7 is finally available on the UK high street, one question does spring to mind: Should you get iPhone 7 to enhance your business life?


Well, technically speaking, you can buy any phone you like – there are certainly plenty of smartphone options out there.

The real question to ask is whether it’s really worth spending all this moolah on this one specific brand?

Apple is a premium brand, and the iPhone remains one of the most expensive smartphone on the market.


So, are there any hard business reasons for buying yourself an iPhone 7, or its bigger brother the iPhone 7 Plus?

why buy iphone 7 for business ?


> Does an iPhone offer the best value?



There are a huge number of smartphones out there in the shops these days.

But surely the iPhone is the best of bunch? Wrong.

The competition has upped its game in recent years and, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 edge, for example, is a great alternative with many of the same functions and benefits.


However, we plead guilty: we love Apple and we have a sneaky suspicion that you do too.

The design quality, the huge number of apps in the App Store and the allure of their brand [link to Aug blog 1 – Hunger marketing] all help to keep us fans of the guys from Cupertino, California.

So here are our top four excuses you can use to justify the expense of getting an iPhone 7 for business (shhhh, we won’t tell the boss…)

why buy iphone 7 for business ?


1. A GREAT camera for a phone



The camera is currently one of the best on the market for a smartphone, with a 12 megapixel back-facing camera and 5 megapixel front-facing camera on both models.

And the Plus model even features a 56mm telephoto lens for better close-ups


The camera is especially good in low-light environments too.

If you’ve ever struggled to take good pictures during evening business events, or when the weather is not so great, this won’t be a problem anymore!

And that’s definitely going to make your personal and company photos look a lot clearer and snazzier on Instagram or Flickr.

why buy iphone 7 for business ?


2. The kudos of AirPods headphones



The 3.5mm headphone jack is gone (WHAT, we hear you shout!). But don’t worry, Apple have created brand new, totally wireless headphones, called AirPods.


And that means you can show off with your funky new AirPods.

Imagine being one of the first people to show up at a business meeting while slowly taking off your AirPods and ending an important business call.

How cool would that be?!


Well, maybe not as cool as we’d like to think, but it would be a great conversation starter and it will enhance your business value when you say “Oh, wireless is the industry standard now. We like to keep our tech at the cutting edge…”. Just be careful not to sound too snobbish 😉


Oh, and if you’re worried about losing these tiny, wireless AirPods, some bright spark has already come up with a solution – A $10 piece of wire that connects your two ear buds together, making your wireless headphones less easy to lose.


Now that is the sign of a real entrepreneur!



3. More storage for apps, photos and files



Apple finally ditched the 16GB storage option! Hurray, we hear you all cry.

The iPhone 7 now starts at 32GB, with 128GB and a whopping 256GB option for those of you who have LOTs of memory hungry business apps and don’t want to be forever deleting photos and files to make more room.


Even the 32GB version has plenty of room to store all your important work files, whether its PDF files, business documents, marketing photos or music to listen to when you need some down time.



4. It’s water resistant!



Oh and the phone is now water-resistant too. So if your phone plops out of your business suit into the office toilet (it DOES happen, believe us) then you won’t be forking out more money for a new phone.


Why Buy iPhone 7 for Business ?

why buy iphone 7 for business ?

> The power of brand loyalty



So to round up, yes we do realise that the excellent feature mentioned above are available on other brands of smartphone.

Every manufacturer has its weak points and strengths in this marketplace, for sure.


The brand you choose is a matter of personal choice.

And here at Artema, we just love Apple – because of its design, how it can sync and integrate easily to our everyday lives and because of its simplicity and ease of use.

Oh, and iPhones are generally less susceptible to viruses than their rivals.


What do you think? Will you get the new iPhone?

Does all that memory storage sound tasty, or does the lack of a headphone socket put you off?

Or would you recommend a different phone brand for business usage?


Do leave a comment below – we would love to know your opinions  😉 



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